The Do Nothing Congress

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by: Steve Fragner


One of the most important functions of our congress is to keep our executive in check.  The brilliance of our founding Fathers.   But, today?  Congress sits idly by while our president skirts our laws and the Constitution on a daily basis and nothing is said.


Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal to name a few.   Then there are the unauthorized bombings of foreign countries without congressional approval.  Only congress has the authority to declare war.   Now?  Obama is poised to send cruise missiles   into Syria. Why?  Syria is not posing a threat to  the sovereignty of the United States.  The reason is to hide the fact he has sent aid to the enemy,  Al Quaida, the sworn enemy of the U.S.A., is behind the rebels in Syria.


The so called chemical attacks are purportedly said, by UN investigators, to have been used by the Syrian rebels.  Still, Obama is intent on bombing Syrian government installations.  This makes absolutely no sense unless Obama is indeed trying to accentuate a mass coverup.



Congress, which is in recess, should have called themselves back into session to deal with this one issue alone.  But, no, they let our country  continue to spiral out of existence as it was founded.  The deep routed question is why?  They no longer care for the country or its citizens.  They only care for the perks they enjoy at our expense.  Life time pension upon leaving office.  Budgets we could only dream of.  Exempt from ObamaCare.  Paid whether they show up or not.  Exempted from having to follow numerous laws.


They are totally ignoring Obama blatantly break his oath of office.  Impeachable offenses at the very least.  They have strayed so far from their duties of protecting the Constitution, that it may very well be  too late to right the ship.


I know I have written about term limits, but I feel the next step that a new Amendment to the Constitution is in order.  In short it would make it law that all members of congress, in addition to term limits, they would also be required to follow ALL laws that are set upon the American people.  When they leave office they must go back into the private sector.  Just like if I leave a job I am forced to find another job .


It is time to elect people who want what is best for the country not what is best for their bank account.



Steve Fragner is a lifetime Hudson Valley, New York resident, married 27 years, and has a 24 year-old son. Steve has not been directly involved in politics before, but stays informed and educated. The proud Conservative said has not missed an election at any level since he was of voting age. Ginger, his 8 year-old beagle is his “everything”.

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