Refunds for Illegals, Huh?

Photo: The Blaze May 3

Wasting tax payer dollars again and again


by: Patsy Fleming


Tax Day came and went this year – and like most law-abiding citizens of this great country – we calculated how much we owed the U.S. Government and paid our fair share, knowing that some of our taxes would be used for necessary programs such as helping the elderly and those truly in need, and supporting our brave men and women in the military.


But most of our taxes undoubtedly went to wasteful programs, payola to powerful unions, payment for entitlements and repetitious government agencies – prone to corruption.


Earlier this month, Whistleblowers informed us that the IRS paid out more than $4B in “refunds” this year to illegal immigrants, with many of them not even living in the United States.  Under an IRS loophole called the “Additional Child Tax Credit”, illegals are claiming their children, and in some cases nieces and nephews, on their U.S. tax returns.


Exploiting the loophole allows the illegals to receive tax credits up to $1,000 per child.  Some refunds are reported to be as large as $11,000.  All because in 1996 under the Clinton presidency, the IRS created the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) for both resident and non-resident aliens to file their U.S. tax returns and claim a credit for children living with them.


Meanwhile, the good citizens of the U.S. are fleeced for every penny the IRS can squeeze out of us.  That non-citizens, some of them illegals, can claim “credits” for various children is not only outrageous, but a major fraud.  (One of many under the current administration.)  What is sad and enormously frustrating is that the fraud is ongoing for many years:  $161M in 2001, $1B in 2009, and $4.2B in 2010.


How do illegals even get to file a tax refund? 


Illegals do not have a legitimate social security number, and non-resident and resident aliens in the country legally are listing on their tax return children who have never set foot in the United States.


Recently, Tea Party Patriots were audited by the IRS in another attempt to silence us.  But when the IRS was informed about the tax “credit” fraud perpetuated by illegals, nothing was done.  The IRS has known about the fraud for years, but has done nothing to prevent it.  The Good People of the USA should be calling their representatives and demanding action, and not next year, but NOW and as soon as possible so that this blatant fraud is stopped.


This fraud is just one more slap in the face of the American taxpayer, and another example of stealing from the overburdened American taxpayer.  All taxpayers should be troubled that they are paying for illegals to receive huge tax credits – to illegals who should not even be here in this country in the first place.  That in itself is a crime.